9035 SE Foster Rd., Portland, OR 97266

Project Details:

Asian Health and Service Center is requesting New Markets Tax Credit allocation to assist in the financing of a newly constructed, LEED Gold certified health and service center that will be owned and operated by AHSC to provide comprehensive health and wellness supportive services to the Asian American populations of Portland, Oregon. The 29,000 square foot Project will comprise a primary health clinic, health care and administrative offices, activity rooms to support meal programs and various other healthy living initiatives, banquet rooms able to host over 400 residents, a demonstration kitchen, as well as an outdoor open-air terrace. The Sponsor believes the Project will allow AHSC to capitalize on newly formed partnerships with Yakima Valley Farm Worker’s Clinic who will lease the medical offices to provide onsite primary care as well as a new Cancer Care program and In-Home Care program for seniors.

According to the Sponsor, there are over 186,000 Asian Americans in Oregon, with over 71% living in Oregon’s Portland Metro tri-county area, representing 134,000 Asian American residents within AHSC’s service area. Currently, AHSC provides services to more than 12,500 Asian community members per year and serve as a valued resource within the Asian American communities. AHSC’s clients identify as Korean (26%), Chinese (40%), Vietnamese (27%), and other ethnicities (7%). Over 90% of AHSC’s clients are immigrants, 24% have been living in the United States for less than ten years, and 80% are low-income individuals.

AHSC’s services include public health programs and health care services including behavioral and mental health treatment, support groups and women’s health groups. AHSC also provides outreach and enrollment assistance to help connect lower income community members with insurance coverage and care providers, while further conducting an array of community engagement events as well as preschool childcare. The Sponsor has indicated that all of AHSC’s staff members are bilingual (Cantonese, Mandarin, Korean, and Vietnamese), allowing staff to provide culturally and linguistically appropriate services, helping AHSC to comprehensively engage an array of cultural backgrounds.

Per the Sponsor team, AHSC’s current rented facilities prevent AHSC from growing staff and expanding such services. The Project seeks to remedy these current spatial restrictions, allowing AHSC to expand total individuals served by over 50 percent – allowing community members expanded access to primary care and enrollment programs, public health education classes, as well as exercise and cultural programs. In addition, AHSC anticipates that the Project will increase the number of behavioral health service encounters by over 4,200 visits per year while also increasing the number of healthy meals served by 500 meals per week or 26,000 per year.

The Project represents one of four urban renewal projects being funded by the City of Portland Development Commission and is concurrently being developed in the Lents Urban Renewal District. When completed, the four projects will include 165 affordable housing units and 64,000 square feet of commercial space within the four-block area. The Project seeks to blend the services provided within the redevelopment initiative and build upon the economic and community impact for the area.

Distress Criteria

  • Annual Median Income 61.23%
  • Unemployment rate 1.33 x National Average
  • Lents Urban Renewal Area
  • TIF District

Community Impacts

  • Creates 33 FTE jobs
  • 39 Construction Jobs

Community Alignment

The Project is located in a highly distressed census tract characterized by a median income that is

61.23% of the area’s median, an unemployment rate that is 1.33 times greater than the national average, as is located within the Lents Urban Renewal Area as well as a TIF District. The transaction will allow for the construction of a health and service center that will provide supportive health services to the greater Asian American communities of Portland, Oregon. The Project will also result in the creation/maintenance of 76 FTE jobs as well as 39 construction jobs. Of the permanent FTE jobs, 11% will be accessible to LIPs and 42% will be available to LICRs. It is anticipated that the Project will provide expanded services to the 11,996 and 10,895 LICRs within the Project’s target service market. Based on this information, the Project appears to align with CHHS’s mission.