150 NE Kenneth Ford Dr., Rosenburg, OR


Project Details:


Aviva Health is constructing of a new 31,350 square foot (SF) facility that will be annexed to its Roseburg Clinic. The expansion is needed support the establishment of the Roseburg Family Medicine Residency Program, created in partnership with Mercy Medical Center. The Project seeks to address the physician and clinical health care workforce shortage in the area, while improving access to affordable, high quality physical and behavioral healthcare for the low-income community.


Based on information provided by the Sponsor, many rural based physicians are approaching retirement and it is estimated that nearly 25 percent fewer may be practicing by 2030. Furthermore, medical school matriculants from rural areas who are most likely to practice in such regions declined 28 percent between 2002 and 2017. This information is based on a 2019 study led by Scott Shipman, MD, AAMC, director of primary care initiatives and clinical innovations. That decline came at a time when the overall number of matriculants increased by 30 percent. In addition, in 2016 and 2017, students from rural backgrounds made up just 4.3 percent of the incoming medical student body.


The Sponsor explains, Douglas County has never recovered from the physician losses it experienced five years ago, and the goal of the Family Medicine Residency Program at Roseburg is to retain those physicians completing their clinical training in the community.


Aviva’s Roseburg Family Medicine Residency Program is a collaboration with and supported directly by CHI Mercy Medical Center and OPTI-West. Numerous other partners include Umpqua Health Alliance (local Coordinated Care Organization), United Community Action Network (UCAN), the Douglas County Board of Commissioners (land donation), and many others.


The Sponsor anticipates the Project to increase clinical capacity for the 24 physicians to learn, but the expansion will also provide the needed space to support these students. The support staff include physician assistants, nurse practitioners, licensed clinical social workers and other medical professionals coming from the Southern Oregon Medical Workforce Center. Finally, the facility is expected to increase service to residents by more than 20%.


Founded in 1992, the Sponsor (formerly Umpqua Community Health Center), is an independent, board-governed, not-for-profit organization and Federally Qualified Health Center (“FQHC”) serving Douglas County. The sponsor offers affordable medical, dental and behavioral health care, regardless of patients ability to pay. As Douglas County’s only Oregon Health Authority recognized Tier 5 Patient-centered Primary Care Home, Aviva offers integrated services from eight clinic sites in Roseburg, Myrtle Creek, Sutherlin, Glide and North Douglas County (Drain), including a Teen Health Center located on the campus of Roseburg High School. In 2019 the organization provided services for 14,700 unduplicated patients. Of these, 61% are at or below 200% of the federal poverty level and 60% are either uninsured or Medicaid patients.


Distress Criteria

  • 5% Poverty Rate
  • Non-Metropolitan
  • Medically Underserved Area

Community Impacts

  • 52 New FTE created
  • 62 New Construction Jobs created

Community Alignment


The Project is located in a severely distressed census tract based upon the 2011-2015 census data by virtue of being located in a non-metropolitan census tract and a poverty rate of 25.5%. Furthermore, the Project is a medically underserved area. The Project is expected to serve 10,800 LIPs and provide access to 10,661 LICR unique individuals per year (59% of total individuals served) while creating and retaining 236 direct full-time jobs and supporting 62 temporary construction jobs. The Project addresses priorities outlined in the 2018 Douglas County Community Health Assessment. Based on the CDE’s mission of providing subsidized financing to medical facilities, which support distressed communities, this Project appears to directly align with the CDE’s mission.