1515 E. Columbia St., Othello, WA 99344

Project Details:

Columbia Basin Health Association (CBHA) has a mission of providing healthcare to all persons regardless of age, sex, color, ethnicity, national origin or the ability to pay. Based on information supplied by CBHA roughly 50% of their client base is made up of seasonal migrant workers; a majority of which is best served in a language other than English. In order to meet the needs of this population CBHA plans to build a new campus in Othello, WA. The campus will include a 70,000 square foot primary and multi-specialty clinic, as well as workforce supportive housing, community and wellness center and retail space. The proposed NMTC financing will support the construction of the primary ad multi-specialty clinic only; the other campus units will be separately financed and built by the same development team.

The project will be located in an area with 2 primary distress criteria and 2 secondary distress criteria, including Federal designation as a medically underserved area and designation as a Health Professional Shortage Area. The project will combine two existing facilities in Othello into a modernized facility providing 100 points of care and enabling CBHA to attract and accommodate new primary and specialty care providers currently unavailable. These new specialties include: mammography, orthopedics, physical therapy, ENT and dermatology. The campus will also serve to promote their student and resident training programs with current rotations in medical, dental, behavioral health and pharmacy. As designed the new building will house these specialty suites as well as: women’s health, family medicine, pediatrics, urgent care, imaging and laboratory, pharmacy and a café. The 20 acre site was acquired in October of 2014 and construction is anticipated as soon as the capital is in place to begin. As designed the building is anticipated to reduce energy consumption by 25% using Energy Star integrated management systems and accessing lower-cost electricity produced from water generated renewable power.

Distress Criteria

  • Poverty Rate 26.9%
  • Annual Median Income 53.8%
  • Non-Metropolitan
  • Federally Designated Medically Underserved Area

Community Impacts

  • 65 FTE Jobs Created
  • 192 Construction Jobs Created

Community Alignment

The Project is located in a highly distressed and medically underserved census tract and non-metropolitan census tract. It will provide new and extended services to the distressed community and enhance training to LIP staff members and to rural area physicians and pharmacists in training. It is anticipated that the build out of the clinic will include environmentally sustainable practices and will catalyze additional growth planned by CBHA on the campus (which will not seek NMTC subsidy). Based on the CDE’s mission of providing subsidized financing to medical facilities which support distressed communities in medically underserved areas this project appears to directly align with mission.