619 Forest Avenue, Maysville, KY 41056

Project Details:

Comprehend, Inc. is a private nonprofit organization founded in 1967 with a mission to “enhance the well-being of individuals, families, and communities by advocating for and providing behavioral healthcare services in a welcoming and caring environment.”  Located in Maysville, KY with additional offices and services located in Bracken, Fleming, Lewis, Mason, and Robertson counties.  Comprehend, a behavioral healthcare center specializing in the areas of addiction, community support, crises services, intellectual development-disabilities services, children’s services, as well as clinical treatment. Comprehend provides behavioral health treatment for the counties of Fleming, Bracken, Lewis, Robertson, and Mason. Last year, Comprehend Inc. provided behavioral medical treatment to 7,245 individuals which is the equivalent of 12.9% of the population base of the 5-county service area. Of these 7,245 patients, 85% were considered low income persons (“LIPs”).  The Project will allow Comprehend of add a new primary care service line to which it currently does not offer.

The new 2-story building will connect to one of Comprehends existing medical facilities and will replace 3 existing buildings currently located on the site. The 28,000 square foot Project is anticipated to include the following:

  • Meeting room on the 1st Floor that will accommodate up to 50 people and a full kitchen
  • Reception and waiting room area on the 1st Floor
  • Designated area for Information Technology (“IT”), including a server room on the 1st Floor
  • Two primary care exam rooms and a primary care office on the 1st Floor
  • American with Disabilities Act (“ADA”) compliant restrooms
  • An elevator

The newly constructed building will connect to the existing building on the 2nd Floor either via a walkway/breezeway or by direct connection. The 2nd Floor is anticipated to include administrative offices for the Chief Executive Officer, Human Resources, Business Development/Marketing, Finance, Medical Records, and Quality/Compliance, and an employee breakroom equipped with a kitchenette.

“Throughout the last 40+ years, Comprehend has existed to meet the mental health, addiction, and developmental/intellectual disability needs of the Buffalo Trace region in northeastern Kentucky.”  Comprehend offers various behavioral health services including psychiatric services, individual, family and group therapy, and acute care services. Comprehend also offers various intellectual/developmental disability services and addiction services including, substance abuse outpatient, intensive substance abuse outpatient, DUI Education and Treatment, and Drug Court Services. According to information on the Project Sponsor’s website, Comprehend receives funds from multiple sources including the state of Kentucky, federal grants and programs, private foundation grants, fee for services insurers, and donations.

The Project Sponsor has requested NMTC Federal allocation provided entirely by CHHS to fill the gap in financing and make the Project financially feasible. The Project aims to broaden and enhance the depth of services provided by Comprehend throughout its severely distressed target market and will support 24,850 low-income persons (44% of 5 county service area population base) as well as 39,534 low-income community residents. Further the Project is expected to serve 8,150 LIP and 8,150 LICR unique patients per year. Additionally, the Project will create 7 permanent full-time positions and retain 56 full-time positions based on information provided by the Project Sponsor.

Distress Criteria:

  • Severe Distress Under 2011-2015 Census Data
  • Poverty Rate:
  • Median Family Income: 61.36%
  • 7 times the national unemployment rate
  • Non-Metropolitan

Community Impacts:

  • 5 FTE Jobs Created
  • 39 construction jobs

Community Alignment

Prior to moving forward with the Project, it is necessary to examine the Project’s outcomes and expected impacts to ensure the Project will align with the surrounding community’s goals and economic vision. In order to demonstrate community alignment, the Comprehensive Plan for Maysville/Mason County Kentucky (the “Plan”) was reviewed. The Plan was reviewed, revised and re-adopted by the Mason County Joint Planning Commission on December 13th, 2016.

The Plan indicates drug addiction to pain killers, heroin, and other illegal drugs has become a major problem in Maysville and Mason County. One of the goals of the Plan is “To provide the people of Maysville and Mason County with an adequate level of community facilities and services to meet their basic needs and enhance their quality of life.” The corresponding action is to continue to support a comprehensive program of healthcare and social services for all citizens, ensuring land use criteria are met.

The Project will directly meet the needs of the community as it will expand the services of a licensed and accredited behavioral service, addiction services, and intellectual/developmental disability services provider. The Project will also create 5 new full-time jobs for the rural community.