325 N. Highland, Jackson, TN 38301

Project Details:

The Healthy Community Center (HCC) project involved the construction of a 99,650 square foot community center which contains 82,150 square feet of medical and wellness activities and 17,500 square feet of retail and community space. The medical facilities contain 13,697 SF of primary care clinic square footage with the balance, 64,453 SF, dedicated to a wellness center. These facilities are leased to the West Tennessee Health Care non-profit governmental entity which owns and operates the Jackson-Madison County General Hospital.

As the Qualified Active Low-income Business, Healthy Community, Inc. executes the lease agreement with WTH for occupancy of 82.5% of the building space and provide oversight and management of the property throughout the compliance period. The remaining retail and community space is leased at below-market rates to encourage growth in the area and support the City’s vision of a new downtown. The project team anticipated incorporating Green Building practices and used LEED or Green Communities as a guide for supporting these decisions.

Neighborhood Distress Criteria:

  • 21.8% poverty rate
  • 65.3% of Area Median Income
  • 3.31x nat. unemployment rate
  • ARC/DELTA Distressed Area
  • Tax Incremental Financing District
  • Economic Development Hot Zone

Community Impacts:

  • 80 created jobs
  • 320 construction jobs
  • 7920 Clinic persons served
  • 5570 Wellness Center persons served

Project Community Alignment:
The project is in direct alignment with community goals as evidenced by the participation of the Jackson Community Redevelopment Authority in the financing, the provision of the long term ground lease and the use to date of 108 funding to prepare the area for development. Pursuant to an article published in the Jackson Sun on October 12, 2010, this is the largest investment in downtown Jackson that the community ever made as a whole.