220 Highway 12 W, Kosciusko, MS 39090

Project Details:

The project involved the renovation and expansion of the Montfort Jones Memorial Hospital which provides critical healthcare services to an extremely rural, medically underserved population in Mississippi. The hospital, originally constructed in 1959-1960, is currently licensed to operate 71 beds (64 medical/surgical beds and seven cardiac intensive care beds) and is a county owned facility that is governed by a Board of Trustees which is appointed by the Attala County Board of Supervisors. The project added a two-story addition to the hospital of approximately 53,807 square feet. This new addition provided the hospital with a new entrance, porte cochere, public lobby, administration offices, business office, medical records, outpatient clinic, trauma care center, surgery suite, central sterile processing/supply, intensive/cardiac care unit, 26 private patient rooms, and 9,452 square feet of storage and mechanical space. In addition to the two-story addition, the project consisted of renovations to 16,600 square feet of the current hospital which included the emergency department, laboratory, imaging, physical therapy, respiratory therapy, the swing bed unit, and geriatric psychiatric unit. There were also cosmetic upgrades and refurbishments to 17,275 square feet of the hospital and upgrades to the existing HVAC system, plumbing and electrical system, a new medical gas equipment system, and a new wet pipe sprinkler system.

This project allowed the hospital to provide 10,119 inpatient visits and 19,514 outpatient visits, of which 18.9 percent or 1,912 inpatients visits and 3,688 outpatient visits are services to low income persons. These projections are based on information provided by the QALICB that 11 percent of their revenues come from Medicaid and 7.9 percent of their revenues serve medically indigent and charity care persons.

Neighborhood Distress Criteria:

  • 29.8% poverty rate
  • 65.9% of Area Median Income
  • 1.53x nat. unemp. rate
  • Medically Underserved Area
  • Non-metropolitan
  • FEMA Disaster Area
  • ARC/DRA Area
  • Federal Economic Development Zone

Community Impacts:

  • 80 created/sustained jobs
  • 124 temporary jobs
  • 64 indirect jobs
  • 32 permanent jobs accessible to Low-Income Persons

Project Community Alignment:
Based on the Strategic Plan of 2008 for Kosciusko and Attala County, one of the priorities was Medical Community growth represented by more specialists, updated equipment and treatment availability, with updated or new facilities. The renovation and update of the facility appears to be in direct alignment with the 2008 Strategic Plan for the area. In addition the Borrower has provided letters of support from the City, County and State which all strongly supported the expansion and renovation as a critical project to the community.