155 East Blue Herron Blvd, Riviera Beach, FL

Project Details:

The NextGen Healthcare project involved a $20 million acquisition and re-development of a vacant property along the City’s primary corridor into a contact center focused on healthcare related services. The project includes tenant improvements and infrastructure for the contact center including $10 million that will be used for software development including digital infrastructure for Patient XP. The project will initially provide market sales force and customer service to health and dental insurance companies utilizing their internally derived software tool, Patient XP. This customizable program provides assistance to healthcare providers in developing inpatient, discharged and outpatient satisfaction surveys. This will be of import as Medicare rolls out is new payment plan which requires hospitals to secure high ratings from patients in order to maintain the highest level of payment from Medicare possible.

Distress Criteria:

  • Census Tract: 12099001500
  • Severely Distressed – Two Primary Criteria
  • Poverty rate is 24.8%
  • Census Tract Median Income: 59.16% of Area Median
  • Unemployment 2.19 times the national rate

Community Impacts:

  • 52 construction jobs
  • 300 created jobs
  • 260 jobs accessible to LIPs/LIC residents
  • 157 indirect jobs
  • $15.5 million of annual economic output Project

Community Alignment
The project is located within Riviera Beach and is in direct alignment with the City of Riviera Beach Community Redevelopment Plan that was put together by the City’s Redevelopment Agency. A specific component of the plan is to create new jobs in the community by attracting new business to the community. In addition, the plan calls for improving the visual facade of the city’s main corridors. As stated in the plan, “Blue Heron Boulevard is the City’s main entrance,” and the plan recommends a transformation of the road and upkeep of the buildings. The project is in direct alignment with this goal as it is bringing in 300 new jobs as well as using and renovating a vacant building on Blue Heron Boulevard.