535 Sunflower Dr., DuBois, PA


Project Details:


Penn Highlands Healthcare (PHH) is constructing a full service, state of the art Behavioral Health Hospital. The Project seeks to address the lack of mental health services within the severely distressed, medically underserved, Low-Income Community (“LIC”).


The planned development, within the PHH master plan, involves the renovation of its East Campus facility to address the lack of mental health services within the surrounding region. According to The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), the County of Dubois is identified as an HPSA – Health Professional Shortage Area for mental health with a score of 7 out of a possible 26. The Behavioral Health (“BH”) addition is anticipated to occupy approximately 51,700 square feet (“SF”) of space, create and retain quality jobs and increase the availability of BH services. The Sponsor reports more than 55% of the services are provided to Low-Income Persons (“LIPs”) via Medicaid and expects it to increase to 60% given the outreach and demand for these services.


On the first floor of the Project, outpatient services including: therapy offices, a Behavioral Health care walk-in clinic and an intensive care unit for high acuity patients. The new second floor will be dedicated to children and adolescent inpatient programs. The third floor will focus on geropsychiatry inpatient programs and be renovated from outpatient services to an inpatient unit for those diagnosed with mental health and substance abuse issues. The expansion of Behavioral Health services will make more space available for non-mental health services at the Sponsor.


Penn Highlands Healthcare was formed in October of 2011 and serves a rural thirteen county area in central/northwestern Pennsylvania. Based on a June 2019 report, the Sponsor employs more than 4,000 individuals including 360 physicians and generates approximately $600 million in annual net revenue. In addition to the Penn Highland DuBois, the Sponsor has four other hospitals. Furthermore, the Sponsor manages a network of smaller facilities including: walk-in clinics, long-term care facilities and several behavioral health centers.


Distress Criteria


  • Severely Distressed
  • Non-metropolitan
  • Mental Health HPSA


Community Impacts

  • 104 FTE jobs created
  • 208 Construction Jobs created


Community Alignment

The Project is located in a severely distressed census tract based upon the 2011-2015 census data by virtue of being located in a non-metropolitan census tract and poverty rate of 23%. The Project is anticipated to increase the Sponsor’s ability to accommodate new patients seeking BH services. The Project is expected to serve 13,920 LIPs and provide access to 14,616 LICR unique patients per year (63% of total patients served) while creating and retaining 176 direct full-time jobs and supporting 208 temporary construction jobs. The Project addresses priorities outlined in the 2018 Penn Highlands DuBois Community Health Needs Assessment. Furthermore, amid the COVID 19 pandemic, the Project is expected to address the new demand from individuals suffering from mental and behavioral health crises. Based on the CDE’s mission of providing subsidized financing to medical facilities, which support distressed communities, this Project appears to directly align with the CDE’s mission.