5201 Haverford Ave, Philadelphia, PA

Project Details:

The project involved the new construction of a 34,570 square foot building whose primary tenant is a Federally Qualified Health Center focused on serving the indigent and under insured. The newly constructed building allowed for significant growth for Spectrum Health Services (SHS). The new facility is located on a major bus line, allowing access from the entire city, and is designed to achieve Silver LEED certification.

The project is cited in an area noted as both highly distressed and medically underserved. According to the 2009 Uniform Data System report, SHS serves more Medicaid users than the state average – 55.1% of all persons served versus 42.5% for the average Community Health Center in the state of Pennsylvania. In addition, 27.2% of SHS’s patients were uninsured, creating a total of 82.3% of its patient base stemming from low-income populations. This distinction is notable as private pay patients typically have a higher premium rate for services than that paid by Medicaid.

Neighborhood Distress Criteria:

  • 37.5% poverty rate
  • 47.8% of Area Median Income
  • 3.5x nat. unemp. rate
  • Medically Underserved Area

Community Impacts:

  • 20,000 served annually (12,000 LIPs)
  • 128 created/sustained jobs
  • 58 construction jobs

Project Community Alignment:

Imagine Philadelphia: Laying the Foundation
2010 In developing the new comprehensive plan for the City of Philadelphia, the City Council paid signifact interest relative to stabilization of neighborhoods. The plan cited the following which specifically tie to the project:

  • Public services […] supporting [… ] good health […] in general are distributed equitably
  • New and state of the art facilities require less capital investment to keep in good repair
  • Consolidate facilities to allow for better integration of services and decrease overhead costs of operating multiple facilities, particularly when transit enables access

Haddington/Cobbs Creek Vision Plan 2010
Funded by Wachovia in 2006 this community plan was designed to create a shared vision of stabilization and growth for the area served by SHS. The final plan was not accessible via the internet. However, an Urban Studies paper written by students at Penn State was available which did review the process and potential solutions for the community. The paper primarily concludes that a community center which focuses on education and provides a linkage to health and social services is the primary ingredient needed in the community. In addition, the need report support the idea that the community as a whole had highlighted access to jobs as a key goal. The project aligns with both City and Neighborhood plans offering education, health services and increased jobs.