2845 West 19th Street, Chicago, IL 60623

Project Details:

The project supports the capital expenditure required to maintain operations of this safety net hospital which serves a high level of indigent and low-income persons as they push toward the opening of their new facility on the Focal Point campus which is anticipated in 2018. St. Anthony is the centerpiece of the Focal Point Campus neighborhood plan, yet without the capital expenditure at its current location it will not be able to maintain operational funding through to the opening of the new facility. Hence the interim funding is critical to meeting the healthcare needs of the population it serves and to achieving the expanded community goals presented in the neighborhood plan.

St. Anthony’s is the primary hospital for this community and is the cornerstone of the Focal Point Neighborhood plan. This plan utilizes the construction of the new hospital, replete with the addition of 400 new FTEs on site to provide for a suite of amenity businesses on campus, the development of additional housing to support the demographics and help create a more mixed-income environment with the additional jobs, job training, and access to other amenities of life which are intended to help migrate this community toward becoming an opportunity zone over time. Hence, maintaining the Hospital so that it can continue to act as an anchor for its community is central to helping the community achieve these goals.

Distress Criteria

  • Poverty Rate of 35.3%
  • Annual Median Income of 37.1%
  • Unemployment Rate of 1.96 x the National Average
  • Medically Underserved Area

Community Impacts

  • 20 FTE Construction Jobs

Community Alignment

The project will retain 1,005 FTEs. The project will also provide for 20 FTE temporary construction positions. It is anticipated that all of the jobs include benefits for the employees, which is in alignment with CDE mission.

Based on knowledge of the employee base and education requirements of the positions for most Medical-Care facilities, of the retained jobs, it is estimated that approximately444, are accessible to low income persons and 453 to low income community residents. This increase in jobs available to the targeted population base is in alignment with CDE mission.

St. Anthony’s aligns with these primary criteria through its provision of increased medical services to a medically underserved group. As a safety net hospital, St. Anthony’s is an anchor for this low-income community as noted by the volume of persons served. The entity anticipates increasing its services and employment as a part of the catalytic component.