562 East Main Street, Louisville, MS 39339

Project Details:

The project involves the demolition and re-construction of the former Winston Medical Center (WMC) which was destroyed by an EF-4 tornado in April of 2014. WMC has been operating out of staged facilities since that time, having opened a transitional facility in April 2015 from which it will continue to operate until the new construction facility is completed. However, this facility only enables WMC to operate at 70% of its prior capacity.

Nine buildings totaling approximately 184,300 square feet (SF) will be constructed to house the new WMC campus. These will include: a 2 story main hospital (63,000 SF; nursing home (a series of 1 story properties (84,000 SF); multipurpose administration (12,000 SF); medical office/clinic (13,200 SF); outpatient therapy (3,900 SF); and purchasing, maintenance, mechanical, etcetera (8,200 SF). The separation of these spaces is intentional as it provides for efficiency and flow for the patient base.

Distress Criteria:

  • 32.2% Poverty
  • 1.32 times the national unemployment rate
  • Federally designated Medically Underserved Area
  • ARC Designated Area
  • MS Health Care Industry Zone
  • FEMA (DR-4175) 5/12/2014

Community Impacts:

  • 70 created jobs
  • 220 maintained jobs
  • 337 construction jobs
  • 290 quality jobs
  • 35 created and 110 maintained jobs accessible to LIPs
  • 7,585 healthcare services to LICs
  • 7,000 healthcare services to LIPs
  • 58 indirect permanent jobs
  • 53 indirect construction jobs

Community Alignment
The project was initially owned and operated by the County in the late 1950’s. Since that time ownership has been transferred to a non-profit operator. After the tornado, the WMC has been the recipient of significant local, county and state aid to support its temporary and transitional operations. It has received commendation for its performance during and post the tornado. No community plans of record were available to cite relative to community support, however, based on the prior and ongoing support WMC has received it appears that the project is in alignment with community goals and objectives.